Is Your Child Grabbing & Pulling Your Hand Instead of Saying Words?

From Frustration to Fluency: Empower Yourself To Help Your Children Overcome Speech and Language Barriers

IIN PTP Basic is a one-month group training program for parents facing challenges with their child’s development. Our mission at Indigen Institute of Neuropsychology Council is to empower parents with profound insights into child development, enabling them to create nurturing environments that foster effective learning journeys. 

Actual Price: 6000BDT / 4400INR / 60USD

Is Your Child Facing These Issue?

  • Unable to speak or communicate with you properly?

  • Pulling individuals by the hand without any attempt to look at them?

  • Knows alphabets but rarely responds to their own name?

  • More focused or obsessed with objects?


Here’s How You Will Benefit From The Program

  • Your gestures, words, and actions help mould a baby’s brain, especially during their first two years, when their brain is growing at a rate unrivalled in human history.

  • IIN Parents Training Program is entirely home-based. 

  • Completing the IIN PTP Basic program can certainly lead to improvements in attention, engagement, power of communication, and behavior for your child. 

  • This is the most valuable step in becoming a skilled and effective parent. One that will lead to significant improvements in the lives of your child’s special needs.

Course Syllabus


Techniques to get the child’s attention​​​


Techniques of positive engagement. ​


Techniques to foster self-initiation rather than multiple prompts. ​


Explore language levels and promote verbal communication.


Discover the path to develop joyfulness in parent-child relationship​

Salient Features

  •  Beneficial for parents of toddlers aged 2 to 9 years who are experiencing challenges with their child’s communication and behavior.

  • Helps parents feel more confident and empowered in their parenting role, and can lead to significant improvements in their child’s behavior and communication.

  • Overall, the ‘IIN PTP’ can be a valuable resource for parents of toddlers who are looking for effective strategies to support their child’s development and manage challenging behaviors.