The Indigen Institute of Neuropsychology (IIN) stands tall as an ardent advocate of ethical integrity, especially when working with one of the most vulnerable segments of society, the children. Embracing the belief that ethical standards are the bedrock of all our endeavours, we take pride in our IIN Ethical Committee, guided by the prestigious Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Comprising of individuals from diverse backgrounds, our ethical committee embodies an inclusive approach that fosters well-rounded decisions in all our functions. Upholding ethical decision-making, accountability, and social responsibility, we ensure that our mission of comprehensive child development is guided by unwavering integrity.

Beyond bolstering IIN’s decision-making process, our Institutional Ethical Committee extends its benevolent hand to offer ethical guidance to individuals and other organizations undertaking research activities or dealing with human resources. As a beacon of ethical conduct, IIN strives to protect and nurture the welfare of children and adults alike, uplifting the very fabric of our society.