IIN PTP-Standard (Entirely Online)

IIN PTP Standard – a transformative 6-month course featuring personalized one-on-one and group sessions for parents.Through in-depth child assessments, we develop tailored plans to ensure comprehensive development of the child. Our mission at Indigen Institute of Neuropsychology Council is to empower parents with profound insights into child development, enabling them to create nurturing environments that foster effective learning journeys. Explore various facets, from cognitive and emotional growth to social and physical milestones, gaining invaluable knowledge to address concerns early on. Alongside group training, our experienced therapists provide individualized support, helping children overcome challenges and unleash their full potential. Join us on this journey towards a nurturing and healthy society, where every child thrives.

IIN PTP-Standard (Entirely Online)
IIN PTP-Standard
  • Assessment for Tailored Intervention plan
  • One-on-one sessions with various experts
  • Group sessions with various experts
  • WHO CST Program
  • Parents’ Mental Health 
  • Meditation Program
  • Behavior Management
  • SLP, OT, NDT, SI as needed 
IIN Meeting


350 USD/26400INR/37500BDT
(6 months)​